The purpose of this blog is to

  • show how the fantastic donations and contributions that make our programme possible are being used to  improve the lives of our students
  • share and discuss effective teaching strategies and techniques so that we can continually improve our programme


All of our students are teenagers who have arrived in the UK without any parents after fleeing atrocities in their home countries.  We have male and female students from several different countries.  Some students come to us with an excellent educational foundation while others have never been in a classroom before.

Although our students are diverse in many ways, they are united in their eagerness to learn. They come to class with big smiles, grateful and excited for any learning opportunities we offer them. They are incredibly supportive of each other, always offering encouragement to their classmates.  Best of all, our students are so much fun!


We offer a welcoming learning environment for our students while they are awaiting placement in schools and colleges. We never know how long it will take for a student to find a placement. Some students are with us for only one week while others are with us for several  months.

We offer daily English Classes and a weekly Maths Class. We also offer classes and workshops in the arts and sports. Students attending our classes as well as former students can join in our social evenings and events.


I am one of the nine volunteer teachers at the Children’s Section of the Refugee Council. I started teaching at the Children’s Section in April of 2016. I primarily teach a weekly intermediate English class, although I do teach the beginner English group occasionally.  I will be conducting an animation workshop with eight of the students this summer.

I LOVE teaching the young refugees at the Children’s Section of the Refugee Council! Teaching students who are motivated and want to learn is so much fun and our students are very motivated!  It is also a joy to watch young people from different cultures, religions, and countries, so determined to help and support each other.  Being around these inspiring young people makes me happy!

My areas of interest in pedagogy are in the use of both integrated studies and project-based learning in teaching ESL.  I am particularly interested in integrating animation and coding with language learning.

My background includes a BFA with a major in painting and a minor in digital media. TEFL Certification, MA in interactive media, and PG Dip in animation.   When not teaching, I am a 2D Character Animator.



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