Big Day: Film Premiere!

fimposterYes! I printed out lots of posters and sent out lots of emails inviting people to the “studnet” film screening.  Oops! Future lesson for studnets: Always proofread!

In spite of the typo, our little classroom was packed for the screening. We were especially happy to welcome Francesca representing Zulogic Ltd. They generously donated the fantastic Zu3D software and animation theatres we used during the workshop! This workshop was only made possible by the kindness of  big-hearted individual donors and generous companies.

After watching a behind the scenes video, which included some great stop-motion dance moves from one of our students, I played the music video that the students made during the second week of the workshop. There was a lot of emotion in the room and I had a hard time keeping it together. It was the first time the students saw all of the scenes they had produced  fully edited together. I loved seeing the pride appearing across their faces as they watched what they had created on the big screen.

They have a lot to be proud of! Before the workshop, most of them had little computer experience, one student was at a beginner level of English, and of course none of them had  animation experience. In just two weeks, they learned how to build models with wire and modeling compound, create backgrounds and props, and animate on the computer.  I think you will agree that their final project, a music video to the song “Let Her Go” by Passenger is an outstanding achievement and a testament to their drive and character!


I had mixed emotions as I handed out their certificates, gift bags of goodies donated by Cowling and Wilcox, and their little mini-mes that are almost as sweet as they are. I became so attached to each of them during the two weeks and I am already missing them!


Keep an eye on the blog for all of the behind the scenes details as I will be posting about each day of the workshop over the next couple of weeks. I’m happy to share ideas and am very grateful for any feedback on how to improve for future workshops!